Finding movies online has become so easy these days online everybody can find movies of their choice online. There are many sites where you can watch free movies but a lot of them provide pirated content.

In order to help you watch quality movies online, we have compiled this list of best websites where you can watch free unblocked movies.


Youtube is undoubtedly the best online streaming platform these days. Youtube allows you to upload, share and watch videos. Youtube majorly has user-generated content but also has some select original content.

Youtube has become one of the most preferred channel for video bloggers to start their private channels.


Retrovision is an online video streaming platform. You can find all types of movies on Retrovision from various genres, like horror, adventure, romance, sci-fi etc.

The Internet Archive

The internet Archive works on the mission of “universal access to all knowledge.” It provides free access to a vast library of music, movies and television shows.


Vimeo is one of the best video sharing website where you can upload and share your videos with people. Vimeo does not have a large library of movies but is growing slowly.


All the above mentioned websites have large libraries and you can watch all movies of your choice. We hope that this list of websites will help you in finding the HD movies online for free.